11 Unusual Super Foods You May (or May Not) Want to Try

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When you hear the word “food,” what comes to mind? A cheeseburger, a salad, steak, ice cream, an apple perhaps? Those are foods we are probably all familiar with, but how many of us are willing to try something completely new? Something that may not even look like food – at least as we westerners understand it. The rise of the global economy has given us a vast array of items we can shop for that come from all over the world. A stroll through the produce section of your local grocer may be surprising if you take the time to look beyond what you normally purchase. These super foods may seem a bit odd to a lot of us, but many of them are worth trying because they are packed with beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Take a look and see if you spot any that you’d like to try. If you’ve already tried any of them, let us know what you think.

1. Buddha’s Hand

Let’s get the ball rolling with a really weird one. Buddha’s hand kind of looks like a hand – if it happens to be attached to an alien from another galaxy or perhaps if you are tripping on ‘shrooms or something. Despite its odd appearance, and that it looks like it might be alive, this fruit is used in China and Japan for its aroma which can be used to freshen clothing or even a room. It has a taste somewhat like lemon and is jam-packed with vitamin C.

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