10 Signs That You May Be Depressed

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We all have bad days. You’ve most likely heard friends and acquaintances say they they are “depressed,” and maybe you have said it yourself, but do know what real depression is? Feeling down about a lost softball game or a ding in the door of your new car is not true depression. In fact, those that have not experienced true depression cannot possibly imagine what it feels like. Depression is a medical condition, and those afflicted should seek treatment as soon as possible. Check out these signs of real depression, and please seek help as soon as possible if you recognize these symptoms in yourself.

1. Loss of Interest

Depression gradually saps the “you” out of you. Those who are truly depressed lose interest in almost everything, and just getting out of bed in the morning can be a struggle. If you find that your favorite time of day is bedtime, because you can go to sleep and escape your sadness, it’s a pretty sure sign of genuine depression.

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