10 Bizarre Criminal Punishments

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Few would argue that criminals should not be punished. Without the rule of law and police to enforce those laws, we’d have anarchy. While we’re quite accustomed to hearing news stories about convicted criminals being sent to prison, or perhaps house arrest or probation, some offenders find themselves facing much more creative punishments. These are some of the weirdest punishments we’ve ever heard of.

1. Not So Easy Listening

Dealing with loud music complaints is something many police agencies have to face with every day. Sometimes cases end up in court when a music lover refuses to cooperate with police. A judge in Colorado decided to bypass the usual penalties that often result in these cases and sentence some people who had appeared before him to listening to music instead. Judge Paul Sacco sentenced a number of offenders to listen to a selection of music he picked out for one hour at high volume. The scofflaws were subjected to the “easy listening” sounds of Barry Manilow and the theme song from the children’s TV show, Barney and Friends among others.

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