9 Weird Things That Are Frequently Stolen

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There’s no question that economic conditions can have a strange effect on crime. Things that were all but ignored just a few years ago have become some of the most popular items sticky-fingered crooks are making off with. Substance abuse and addiction also has a profound effect on crime rates, and addicts who turn to crime in order to line up that next fix are experts when it comes to knowing what to steal. One result is that some very strange items are now very in demand on the black market.

1. Allergy Medications

More and more over-the-counter or OTC medications are available these days thanks to changing government regulations and consumer demand for more medications that are easily available. Surprisingly, most of the OTC allergy medications that are stolen are resold for their intended purpose. Many people suffer from allergies, and that fact combined with the high cost of allergy medications make them an attractive target for thieves.

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