Top 10 Ten Foreign Honeymoon Destinations For U.K. Newlyweds

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Going on a honeymoon should be one of the most enjoyable getaways of a lifetime, and as such, it makes sense to select a memorable location. Oftentimes, we think of exotic locations, or at least places that are very different from home, when deciding where to go on holiday. That certainly seems to be the case for newlyweds in the United Kingdom. Exotic locations are well represented in this list, although even in paradise, you are bound to find things that are a bit odd.

1. Thailand

An exotic and tropical land that offers nearly endless natural beauty and great entertainment. The fact that the cost-of-living is so much lower than western countries puts the icing on the cake. What’s odd: Cuisine like fried insects may be off-putting to westerners, so don’t be surprised to see it on the menu or for sale at a market.

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