10 Weirdest Lizards You’re Ever Likely To See

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To many people lizards are weird no matter what species you happen to be talking about. Like just about everything in the animal kingdom, lizards are loved by some people, hated by some people and feared by others. Even though most lizards are harmless, there are still people that would rather not be anywhere near them. Some of the specimens on this list are sure to give a lizard-hater plenty of reasons to have nightmares!

1. Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink

Among lizards, these little critters have some unusual habits when they feel like they are in danger. For one thing, they will often play dead when they feel threatened, and just hope that whatever is bothering them will go away and bother something else. Even more unusual is their ability to make sounds when they are feeling like they’re lives are in danger.

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