10 Strange and Embarrassing Celebrity Crimes

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Unless we somehow end up rich and famous, it’s tough for us little people to wonder why in the world some celebrities get themselves in trouble with the law. Much of the time celebrities misbehaving is related to drug or alcohol abuse which we’re all quite accustomed to hearing about. There are, however, some A-Listers who manage to entangle themselves in rather strange situations that have the potential to cause them a lot of embarrassment. With all of their wealth, you would think some of these people would consider alternatives to the activities that landed their mug shots all over the tabloids and the internet.

1. Paul Reubens (a.k.a Pee Wee Herman)

Let’s start off with one of the most amusing and enduring incidents in the annals of celebrity mischief. Paul Reubens, despite his former role as a much-loved children’s TV and movie figure, landed himself in trouble after enjoying himself just a little too much inside an adult movie theater. The whole episode raises several questions, such as: Hadn’t he ever heard of a VCR and a big-screen TV? They were certainly available in 1991 when this incident went down (much like Pee Wee when he was caught). And what kind of person rats out someone else for that kind of activity in an adult movie theater? You have to realize what the potential perils are when patronizing an establishment like that.

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