Top 10 Most Unusual Conventions in The World

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In the old days the word convention would likely conjure up images of guys wearing suits gathering somewhere to talk about manufacturing consumer goods or maybe even a bunch of hard core hobbyists meeting up to talk about coin collecting or whatever. These days however, there are an astounding variety of conventions, the subject matter of which is equally – if not more – astounding. Presented below are some of the most unusual conventions ever organized. No, this isn’t about “Trekkies,” or comic books. These conventions are definitely a little further outside the mainstream. Like an Alaskan Salmon beached in, say, Kansas.

1. MerCon

Many conventions these days are based on fictional characters or storylines which draw scores of devoted fans from around the world. MerCon, a gathering of people who like to dress up like mermaids, was no exception. Beyond the 800 or so “mermaids” in attendance, the convention was also a draw for mermaid fans, who were presumably delighted to be in the presence of so many mermaids. As one might expect, the mermaids were given access to the swimming pool at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas where the convention was hosted so they could showcase their aquatic abilities. A mermaid beauty pageant was another highlight of the convention that featured contestants laying in the floor doing their best to look as mermaid-y as possible. Sadly, the 2011 MerCon may have been the last, but the memories of the event will likely be forever cherished by the attendees.

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