10 Things You May Not Know About The ‘Hunger Games’ Movies

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The Hunger Games movies are among the most popular films released in recent years. Although the first movie’s creators may not have been aware they were sitting on a blockbuster, the film’s popularity exploded on the scene after its release, attracting a diverse base of fans. One might conclude that a lot of people resonated with the movie’s message. Although there is no doubt that some fans are attracted simply by the movie’s “cool factor,” a significant number of them may have also been moved by the message about a future that does not hold much promise for the common individual. And perhaps that’s a message that increasingly reflects the reality of our own lives.

1. Modest Beginnings

Although the first movie had a generous budget of some $78 million, the movie’s central character, Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, was paid just $500,000. That sounds like a nice payday for most of us, but pales in comparison to the earnings of other top stars that have appeared in blockbuster films. After the success of the first film, it was agreed that Lawrence would be paid $10 million for the second film.

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