10 Outrageous Medical Treatments From Medicine’s Dark Ages

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Medical science still struggles with a whole host of diseases that have no cure. Despite centuries of study, there is still much to learn about disease and how to best treat it. Modern man has benefited tremendously from treatments that have been developed but man’s past is littered with horrific tales of cruel and primitive treatments that often did more harm to the patient than good. Take a moment to consider how fortunate we all are to be alive today and not subject to the bizarre medical treatments of the past.

1. Painful Procedures

Medieval times were a particularly bad time to be in urgent need of medical care. Since it was believed at the time that people should suffer for their sins, any opportunity to experience pain seemed like a good opportunity. A leading surgeon (called “chirurgeons” at the time) was more than happy to oblige patients who were due for a little suffering. Henri de Mondeville advised his colleagues that a failure to inflict as much pain as possible on a patient would result in their becoming a laughingstock.

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