10 Weird and Potentially Harmful Cosmetic Ingredients

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More people are waking up to the fact that a lot of consumer products include ingredients that aren’t very conducive to good health. The majority of processed foods found on supermarket shelves have something in them that you should probably not be eating. While it’s good that so many people are becoming aware of harmful additives in the food we eat, most of them are still not aware of hidden dangers in products such as cosmetics. Anything you put on your skin is quite likely to make its way into your bloodstream. How do you think those “quit smoking” and birth control patches work? Here are 10 of the worst ingredients found in many cosmetics.

1. BHA and BHT

Commonly used as preservatives in many food products, BHA and BHT are also used in beauty products such as lipstick, moisturizing lotions and other cosmetics. In addition to the possibility of allergic reactions, those two chemical preservatives are also classified as endocrine disruptors, which basically means this stuff can mess with your hormone levels. Some researchers also believe that BHA and BHT may cause cancer.

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