11 Food Facts That Might Make You Feel A Little Sick

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Reports of people finding disgusting items in their food is something we’ve all heard before. Here in the west, we’re likely to get a bit freaked out of we find some kind of insect or insect parts in our dinner, while in other parts of the world, insects and other creep-crawly critters are often consumed with enthusiasm. The fact of the matter is that a few insects here and there are very unlikely to harm anyone, and may actually be more nutritious than they are harmful! Nonetheless, we’re not accustomed to chowing down in bugs, so it’s quite normal that it would be something we want to avoid doing whenever possible. With that in mind, here are some facts about food that might cause you to take a closer look at your next meal.

1. Move Along, Nothing to See Here!

A report from 2007 reveals that up to 99 percent of all food entering the United States from other countries is not inspected by the FDA or USDA. That’s not hard to believe considering the quantities of imported foods we find in our supermarkets these days. U.S. consumers can only hope that the government has stepped up their inspection efforts over the last few years.

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