10 Bizarre Historical Accounts You Won’t Find in the History Books

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History books are filled with the accounts of notable events that have played out throughout our time on this planet. Although it’s typically treated like gospel, particularly by public educational institutions, we should not forget that famous quote by Winston Churchill that proclaims that “history is written by the victors.” Much of what we have been taught about history is probably open to debate. After all, who among was was present when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated or when Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo? This does not suggest that these events never took place, just that the historical record of accounts like these may have been massaged a bit. This of course, would involve scrubbing certain inconvenient facts from the history books entirely. The following tidbits of history, like so much of history, will probably not be found in history books and it may or may not be factual. Hopefully, it will at least be entertaining.

1. Taking No Chances

President Charles D.B. King of the African nation of Liberia held office from the year 1920 until 1930. When he faced challenger Thomas J.R. Faulkner in the 1927 elections, King easily beat Faulkner by some 600,000 votes. Considering that there were only 15,000 registered voters in the country at the time, it was not difficult to conclude that something did not quite add up. King was noted by the Guinness World Records as the winner of the most fraudulent election in history.

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