10 Odd Crime Facts

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Crime is something a lot of us hear about on a daily basis. Depending on where you live, turning on the evening news broadcast, picking up a newspaper or checking your social media timeline may often have news about crimes that have been committed in your local area. While it is fairly common for many of us to hear about crimes like robberies and home break-ins that happen in our neighborhood, there’s a whole world of crime we don’t often hear about that involves massive criminal organizations that operate in multiple countries that span continents. We’ve all heard of drug cartels or the mafia, but there are probably a whole lot of things about crime and punishment that you may have never heard about. Some of them are pretty serious while others could be considered laughable.

1. Organized Crime


Organized crime may be a lot bigger than you have ever suspected. It is estimated that it is the third-largest “business” in the world, second only to foreign exchange and petroleum.

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