10 Weird Items Confiscated by The TSA

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The TSA or Transportation Security Administration is the government agency that was created in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in an attempt to improve safety for air travelers. Since TSA workers are charged with checking out passengers and their belongings before they are allowed to board a commercial flight, they do occasionally find some strange things. You would not think normal people would attempt to board a flight with items like this in their possession, but apparently there are quite a few “forgetful” travelers criss-crossing the friendly skies. Here are just a few weird things TSA workers have found in the course of their work.

1. Cane Sword

TSA workers in Charlotte, North Carolina made a rather startling discovery in the form of a 13-inch cane sword. This is a weapon that looks just like a cane that a person might use to help them walk, but in reality the “cane” is actually more of a sheath for the sword hidden inside. Calling this item a “cane sword” may be a bit of a stretch, since something that’s 13 inches long does probably not rise to the level of being a sword, and a 13-inch cane is of little or no use to anyone except someone who is extraordinarily tiny. Still, it’s a unique find to be sure.

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