8 Weird Product Recalls

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Years ago, we didn’t hear much, if anything, about product recalls. Other then traditional news outlets like television and newspapers, there really wasn’t any practical way to alert the public about faulty or dangerous products that made it onto store shelves. In those days, perhaps the consumer laws that required recalls may not have even been in place. It’s much easier to reach people in today’s “always on” society, and it is not at all unusual to hear about product recalls on a regular basis. From food products to automobiles, product recalls are the norm these days, but the following recalls are probably not the type you will hear about very often.

1. Lapel Pins

Yes, there are times when the question, “who watches the watchers?” is quite legitimate. In this case, it was the efforts of the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC that prompted a recall of lapel pins, of all things. The lapel pins were distributed by the CPSC as part of an effort to promote toy safety. After all, the CPCS is responsible for making sure products are safe for consumers. Turns out the lapel pins had too much lead in them, and also represented a choking hazard for children. A recall was issued.

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