10 Strange Things That Have Already Happened in Florida This Year

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The sunshine state is no more than a 6-hour drive from where we sit here at OddOrWhat.com HQ, and we enjoy a little fun in the sun as much as anyone. However, it’s obvious that things down that way often get a little crazier than they normally do in quieter states, like Wyoming, for example. Florida has been a magnet for a great many people for a long time, thanks to warm weather, endless beaches and low taxes. It’s not hard to make the connection between a heavily populated area and a higher incidence of weird people and strange events. These 10 incidents have taken place in just the first three months of 2014.

1. That will be $23.50 and 15 Minutes with Your Dog

One would normally think that paying the pizza delivery man for the food and giving him a nice tip would be enough to send him happily on his way. Not so for a delivery driver in West Melbourne who wanted a little quality time with family dog. The driver was caught on security camera video getting a little too familiar with his customer’s dog and was eventually arrested. We presume that he is no longer employed as a pizza delivery man since no one in their right mind would want someone who does those kinds of things to animals bringing you food.

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