10 Weird Things You Can Hire People To Do

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There’s a good chance that you could probably find someone to do something a little weird on your behalf if you offered enough people money to do it for you. Thankfully, for some unusual things you may want to hire people to do for you, there is already a service set up to fulfill that need. Here are some of the weirdest things you can hire people to do for you.

1. Nightspot Scout


Thinking about heading out to your favorite club on Saturday night and wondering how crowded it is? Crowdmug can help. Here’s how it works. People that want to work as scouts can download a special app to their smartphone that listens for requests from Crowdmug customers who make a request about a nightspot. Any scout who happens to be in a club that someone is inquiring about will get an alert and can take a photo of the place and upload it for the customer to view so they can see how crowded it is.

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