10 Really Weird Things For Sale on eBay

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You can put just about anything up for sale on eBay with a few exceptions such as guns and drugs. Some folks have collected nice chunks of money for selling stuff like a grilled cheese sandwich that supposedly has the image of the Virgin Mary on it. Sellers like that are the lucky ones. There are many people trying to make a quick buck by selling unusual items on eBay these days. Here are a few of the weirdest items on sale right now as this article is being written.

1. Real Eyeball In A Jar

At first glance one wonders whether these are human eyeballs for sale, but upon closer examination, they are advertised as “real Dorset eyeballs.” That’s kind of an obscure description and we immediately wondered what a Dorset was. It appears that it is a breed of sheep, which makes sense since there are 3 listed for sale and it’s not too likely that they all came from someone or something named Dorset. Unless it’s a surname, which would raise all kinds of questions! At any rate, these sheep eyeballs appear to be a real bargain at $15.00 a pop with free shipping.

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