12 of The World’s Weirdest Foods

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Since we’re talking about food this time, 12 seemed like a good number to go with. A dozen doughnuts, a dozen eggs, etc. Although many westerners find these foods weird, people who were raised on these foods find them completely ordinary. In fact, a lot of these foods are probably far more nutritious than the over-processed garbage that makes up a disturbingly hefty portion of the typical western diet!

So, let’s get cracking and dive right in! Bon appetit!

1. Bull Penis


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Although consuming numerous parts of a cow or bull is nothing new in the west, we don’t normally think in terms of genitalia when we browse through the various cuts of beef at the local supermarket. In Taiwan, however, some people are willing to indulge in specialty dishes like bull penis soup. As one might expect, the primary benefit of consuming bull penis is supposed to be that it has an aphrodisiac effect which is more potent then Viagra. Whether that’s true or not will be left up to those adventurous enough to give it a try and perhaps we’ll simply have to take their word for it.

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