9 Uncommon Vending Machine Foods

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Getting a candy bar or a soda from a vending machine is so 1970s! These days vending machine technology is making all kinds of new offerings available for adventurous consumers. As expected, the new fare being offered by vending machines varies significantly according to local tastes, so something that may seem a bit strange in one part of the world might be something that people will be anxious to try in another. Check out these items that have recently made their vending machine debut.

1. Pizza

It makes perfect sense that pizza would become available in a vending machine in Italy. In an impressive display of engineering, the machine starts with your typical pizza ingredients and uses them to prepare a hot pizza in only three minutes! The vending machine also features a little window that allows customers to see the entire process of the pizza being made – a great idea to both entertain and help keep customers from getting bored while waiting for their pie.

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