12 Unusual Exercises That Increase Your Brain Power

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The brain, since it contains no muscle, is not something that normally springs to mind when the word “exercise” comes up. Science is still in its infancy where understanding the brain is concerned, but we are learning that engaging in certain activities actually helps to exercise the brain. It’s not uncommon to hear medical advice for the elderly that involves practices that keep the brain active and help stack the odds a bit against degenerative conditions like dementia. Even if you’re a youngster, exercising your brain can be beneficial. Here are a few weird things you can do as part of your everyday life to beef up your brain’s horsepower. Some of them might even be fun.

1. Mix It Up


We tend to be creatures of habit and we often abide by a certain routine when we’re doing something like getting ready for work in the morning or getting ready for bed at night. Try switching the order of your activities around a little. Following an established routine tends to make the brain a bit lazy, while switching things around makes you think and provides a little workout for your brain.

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