11 Bizarre Things That Have Been Banned

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Many would agree that government is a bit out of control. There’s no question that law makers in nearly every nation on earth have come up with stupid, pointless rules and regulations that really don’t serve any useful purpose. Here in the United States, many laws vary from state to state, including laws that compel people to wear seatbelts when they are in the car or helmets when they are on a motorcycle. Those kinds of laws are considered reasonable by some people and viewed as an encroachment on basic freedoms by others. While the argument could be made that those laws help save lives, the laws we are talking about here that have banned numerous things really are nonsensical. See if you don’t agree.

1. Cell Phones

Now there’s a ban that would send a huge number of people into the streets to protest (at the least) if it were enacted today! Before the year 2008, the island nation of Cuba banned cell phones for all except the privileged class which included executives and high-ranking government officials. Perhaps Cuban officials learned a lesson from the NSA and realized that it was better to allow people to have cell phones so they could be listened to rather than preventing them from owning them. The ban on cell phones has since been lifted.

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