10 Most Bizarre Items Found at U.S. Border Checkpoints

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People are always trying to bring items into other countries that they should not be bringing. Sometimes it’s drugs, sometimes it’s exotic animals or weird plants, and undoubtedly many of them manage to smuggle their contraband through border checkpoints undetected. Smuggling drugs or other illegal substances in hidden compartments in automobiles is pretty old school, and border agents are onto many of those kinds of tricks. Some smugglers are extremely creative, however, coming up with ingenious, never-before-seen methods that have probably been successful numerous times before being discovered. The following are some of the strangest things border agents on the U.S. borders have ever encountered.

1. Garden Fresh

Most people would probably not think twice about seeing a load of watermelon coming across the border from Mexico. We know from labels on the produce we buy at the supermarket that it originates in many other countries these days. We’re not clear on how these guys got busted, but it turns out they had somehow stashed five tones of marijuana in a shipment of watermelons. At the time, the weed was estimated to be worth about $21 million dollars. That’s the kind of bust that might actually make the cartels shed a tear or two.

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