9 Fashion Trends That Could Be Considered Health Hazards

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It is said that some live their lives as slaves to fashion. Although we normally think of fashion as something that might cause more harm to your pocketbook than to your health, there can be legitimate health concerns that go hand-in-hand with being fashionable. Throughout history, people who were considered slaves to fashion may have also become victims of fashion as well. Although health concerns are unlikely to change the way most people think about fashion, if nothing else, it’s interesting to see how fashion choices can affect your life beyond just looking good.

1. See You Next Fall

Being fashionable is something humans have been concerning themselves with for centuries. In the 14th century the upper crust somehow came to the conclusion that wearing shows with long, pointed tips was the “in” thing. Competition among the aristocrats was fierce as the quest for the longest shoes played itself out. Not surprisingly, ridiculously long shoes resulted in much falling about, which seemed to make the fashion icons all the more determined to carry on by using rope to tie the tips of their shoes to their legs for stability!

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