11 Disgusting Parasites That Would Like to Move Into Your Body

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This is a topic that probably creeps just about everybody out. Where things living in us or on us are concerned, size does matter! While the vast majority of us don’t seem to spooked by the fact that we have trillions of nasty-looking little bacteria critters living inside and all over us, anything that’s visible to the naked eye is enough to send us to the nearest toilet to donate our last meal – and not in the “traditional” way! Unfortunately, there are a host of disgusting, creepy little (and some not so little!) creatures that would like nothing better than to set up shop in our bodies. They’ll happily absorb nutrients we would otherwise benefit from ourselves or chow down on our blood or tissue. These are some characters you definitely want to keep far away from you.

1. Schistosomiasis

The spread of this one seems to be partly our own fault since it is commonly contracted when someone comes into contact with water that has been contaminated by a snail that has had contact with human waste. That’s bad enough, but when you find out how they operate, it’s even more sickening. These things enter the body as tiny larvae which then grown into worms that can be over and inch long. They happily swim around in the bloodstream, resulting in all sorts of havoc such as swelling of the internal organs, internal bleeding, and death.

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