9 Very Strange Medical Treatments (Some of Which Are Still Being Used)

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It seems like the more we learn about medicine, the more we learn that our ancestors knew a lot more about it then we give them credit for. Ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine were all almost universally dismissed as quackery at one time by western doctors who thought they had all the answers. Today, many of these ancient treatments are being recognized as beneficial, and more and more people have begun studying these ancient techniques. Some of them seem downright weird to most of us, and some of them may not have any benefit at all. It’s a matter of separating what works from what does not. These medical treatments may sound weird to many of us, but not all of them can be dismissed as ineffective.

1. Mouse Mash

Let’s kick things off with one that probably doesn’t have any benefit it all. In fact, it sounds like it may be downright dangerous. Picture in your mind a mouse and a blender. The ancient Egyptians surely didn’t electric blenders to make their lives easier, but that didn’t stop them from making what might be described as “mouse mash.” They believed that this disgusting concoction, when mixed with other key ingredients, could ease toothache pain. And yes, that means they actually put this stuff in their mouths on the troubled area.

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