10 Creepy Critter Behaviors That May Keep You Awake at Night

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Lots of people love animals, after all, so many of them just look so darn cute and innocent. Then there are the “others.” Critters that don’t enjoy the same popularity as a cute furry bunny or a fluffy duckling. Lot’s of folks are completely creeped out by spiders, snakes and a myriad of other species that make up the incredibly diverse population of living things on planet earth. Beyond appearances, there are numerous animals that engage in activities that people generally find creepy or even frightening. Not everyone finds these kinds of things disturbing, of course, but for those who do, we’re sorry if you miss out on any sleep after reading this.

1. A Matter of Taste

A study conducted in Japan revealed a startling discovery about those pesky insects we all love to hate: mosquitoes! The study found that the little blood-suckers preferred to feed on people with type O blood. These flying vampires will even go through the extra effort of seeking them out among a group of people with other blood types. If you have ever observed – as we have – some poor soul who seems to draw more mosquitoes than most other people, this could be the reason why

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