Dangerous Creatures: 10 Ways You Do Not Want to Die

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Living on planet earth means that we are surrounded by life just about anywhere we can go. From Antarctica to the Amazon, you can be sure you’ll find life there, and they’re not always friendly. Statistically, we are much more likely to be killed by another person than we are by a wild animal. When most of us thing about how we might die when that day comes, we may envision passing peacefully in our sleep. No one in their right mind would want to leave this life by suffering through an encounter with any of these deadly creatures.

1. Crocodiles

Known to be more aggressive then their cousins the alligator, crocodiles tend to chomp first and ask questions later. Since crocodiles are quite comfortable with the idea of having a human being for dinner, extreme caution is advised when traveling in areas where they live. The famous “death roll” is the method employed by the crocodile which helps to tear their victim to pieces by grabbing on tight and then rolling rapidly. It’s usually done in the water but can happen on land as well. Most victims are drowned or die from blood loss.

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