8 Weird Things That Happened At Waffle House

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Waffle House restaurants are numerous in large swaths of the American South. Although they aren’t likely to be accused of serving up the best chow you’ve ever had in your life, they are favorite breakfast stops for millions of patrons every year. Like any place that welcomes the public in large numbers, some strange things are bound to go down from time to time. While most customers probably enjoy a satisfying but uneventful visit to Waffle House, some people happen by when there’s more going on than just flapjack flipping and coffee brewing. There are some of the most notable bizarre events that have happened there.

1.Kid Rock Brawl

Musician Kid Rock (a.k.a. Robert Ritchie) was on the road touring in the fall of 2007. After performing in Atlanta, he stopped with some of his  crew to grab a bite to eat at a Waffle House nearby. During the course of  his visit, Kid Rock became involved in an argument with another customer which eventually evolved into somewhat of  a brawl. As one would expect, the reasons for the fight varied wildly depending on who was telling the tale. The whole incident wound up in court and Kid Rock and another musician in the group ended up paying $40,000 to settle the matter.

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