10 More Secrets of The Human Body

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It’s not always pleasant to delve into the seldom-talked-about aspects of the human body. As humans, a lot of us are very self-conscious about some of our bodily functions, and we are loathe to talk about them in all but the most intimate of settings. Despite the fact that some of our bodily functions don’t make for great dinner conversation, few would disagree that our bodies truly are amazing, and we’re not even close to unlocking all of its secrets. Medical researchers continue to discover more amazing things about how the human body operates, adding to the incredible amount of data that has already been compiled. Here are a few more amazing secrets about your own body that you may have never heard about.

1. Saliva

It’s not hard to realize the benefit of having our mouths bathed with saliva. Anyone who has experienced a severely dry mouth knows how uncomfortable that feeling is. What you may not know is that saliva is carefully formulated by our bodies in a way that keeps the environment in our mouths a little on the alkaline side. Without that benefit, the mouth would become very acidic, and would actually cause the teeth to rot.

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