10 Weird Taxes Used by States to Pad Their Coffers

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We all know that politicians are exceptionally talented when it comes to finding new ways to generate tax revenue. We’re all quite familiar with the idea of sales tax, income tax, property, tax, gasoline tax, and a host of others. Some U.S. states really stand out when it comes to creative ways to rake in more cash for them to spend on their favorite projects. Although some of these taxes don’t sound like much of a burden for the taxpayer, politicians know that creating a lot of small taxes makes people feel like they’re not being fleeced too badly. Here are 10 very creative ways that are used in the United States to separate Joe Citizen from his money.

1. Berry, Berry Profitable

In the state of Maine they produce a lot of blueberries that are shipped around the country and the world to satisfy consumers with a taste for the small sweet-tart berries. An industry as big as the blueberry industry is in Maine is not likely to go unnoticed by politicians. Businesses that produce blueberries have to pay a $0.015-per-pound tax on the blueberries they sell. The blueberry tax generated approximately $1.6 million dollars for the state during 2013. This is a good example of one of those “small” taxes that really adds up.

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