12 Amazing Things You May Not Know About Cats

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Since we listed 12 amazing facts about dogs, it’s time to give our feline friends equal time. Unlike dogs, cats have a mysterious side. Looking at your typical dog, you can usually tell what they’re thinking about, or at least what it is they are wanting to do. Dogs are quite open with their emotions, while cats tend to be more reserved and almost seem like they challenge us to figure out what it is they’re up to. Here are some fascinating facts about cats that some cat lovers may not even know about.

1. Cheating Death

The old saying “curiosity killed the cat” is often proven by felines that get themselves into rather precarious situations. We’re probably all most familiar with cats that climb a tree and then realize they don’t know how to get back down. A cat named Andy didn’t have that particular problem, but he did have a near-death experience involving heights. Andy fell from the 16th story of an apartment building and survived. That’s a fall of about 200 feet!

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