8 Surprising Tips For A Cleaner Car

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Here in the northern hemisphere spring is upon us. Many of us will go from slipping and sliding our way over ice and snow to that welcome sight of bare pavement to drive on. Bad weather doesn’t just make it hazardous to drive, it also makes a mess of your car. The road salt and other treatments that are dumped in copious amounts on the roadways in many places can eat away at your car over the years, and also tends to make your car look like you have driven it through a salt mine. Use these tips to make cleaning your rid up a bit easier.

1. Vodka

In most places window washing fluid for your car is not that expensive, but if you’re in a bind some time and need to fill that reservoir ahead of a winter storm or something, you can use three cups of vodka combined with four cups of water and a squirt of dish detergent to make up your own batch. Obviously, you will only want to use the real cheap stuff for this and leave the good stuff for more festive occasions.

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