10 Weirdest Things Sent Into Space

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Scientists love to explore the unknown, and there is hardly anything more unknown than space. We humans have been successful exploring space here in the vicinity of our own planetary neighborhood, but scientific curiosity extends well beyond the desire to put people into orbit or on the moon. It makes sense that we have a lot of curiosity about how things that exist here on earth would behave in space – if they even could survive. While we might be accustomed to hearing about various living things that man has sent into space, like lab animals and insects, there are other not-so-typical things that have been sent into space – some of them authorized and some of them not. The following are 10 of the weirdest things humans have sent into space and there’s probably a lot more to come.

1. Newton’s Apple Tree


Just about everyone recognizes the name Isaac Newton as the man who discovered gravity after he saw an apple fall from a tree. Apparently the apple tree in question, or more accurately, pieces of it, were preserved through the years, and apparently a part of it was sent into space back in 2010. It was delivered to the International Space Station along with a postcard featuring Isaac Newton’s image.

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